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We are Digital319.

Updated: Jan 19

In the last 3 years of building Digital319 my “title” has evolved so many times…fiancée to wife, employee to employer, one-woman show to CEO of 7. And some of my new titles have and will forever coexist…woman and mother being the most notable. After starting my role as “Mama”, I struggled so much with trying to get back to life as it was before. Trying to get back to the creator I was, the career-drive I had, the body I loved, the time…that I didn’t know I took for granted. Instead of accepting my reality, I chased my past. Until I realized that the chase was smothering me into building a business (and ultimately a life) out of fear instead of growth. And knowing that now I am not only working for my (our) dreams but I’m working for baby girl’s dreams too. And that was all the fear I needed. So I rebranded my mindset. And embraced my evolution. - CEO, Syd

This is a well-conceived brainchild.

A labor of passion.

A calling of destiny.

A realization of what the world refuses to lean into.

An evolution.

Welcome to a new era of marketing.

We are Digital319.

We’re glad you’re here.

We’re taught…

to exist from spaces of tradition instead of innovation.

To believe there’s nothing new under the sun so we only give our dreams to the moon.

To color in the lines instead of making our own creations on a blank canvas.

But the truth is, that shit doesn’t work for us.

From our first breath to our last, the reel of our lives is nothing but an endless thread of evolutions. And an evolution is not a single moment. It’s an era.

A brand is no different.

We believe that the potential of a brand does not lie in its following or its aesthetic but in its ability to embrace its evolution. Because that’s where the true story lies.

Without this, we’d all be telling the same story.

And we’re not here for brands that want to be a ripple in the sea of the feed.

We’re here for brands that prefer to ride the whole wave.

Digital319 is for brands that prefer to disrupt over conform.

Digital319 doesn’t have a tagline because one statement could never define our entirety.

Digital319 is for brands that trust our expertise like they trust a pilot to get them to their destination or a chef to prepare what they ordered.

Digital319 is for brands that prioritize life-balance, because we’re all people (with titles like mom, brother, or friend) before we’re employees. Our agency is not a job. It’s an experience.

We’re anti-status quo and cliches make us cringe.

The rhythms we abide by don’t categorize feeds but they move our feet…because we’re cultural af.

Strategy + Creativity + Storytelling + Culture are our DNA

It’s overdue. But we’re here now.

It’s time to normalize your evolution.

This is our story. What’s yours?

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