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The Data Can't B Broken ☎️

Updated: Feb 12

If you saw the Super Bowl, chances are you may have seen this little spot with a phone company and a global music queen…ring a bell?

And while everyone is talking about the Grammy speech, the Grammy outfit, the hair care line, the commercial, the new songs, and her overall break-the-internet virality over the last week, no one is talking about the data and what we can learn from it.

So let’s go there…

If you need a quick rundown, during Super Bowl LVIII (58) there was a Verizon spot featuring Beyoncé that aired called, “Can’t B Broken”.

We took a look at some high-level social media metrics for Verizon [using our fave social media benchmarking tool: RivalIQ] and the first thing that we noticed is Verizon saw the largest audience increase in follower growth on TikTok.

And not only did they see the largest audience growth on TikTok, but that was their highest-performing and most engaged platform throughout this entire launch.

This is really dope because Facebook makes up 74% of their total social audience footprint.

What’s even more insightful, is that it wasn't the actual spot that was the highest-performing content across channels. 👀 It was the teaser content with the silver horse and the squeezing lemons.

And of course, when you partner with Queen Bee, it's a ripple effect. So everything's up… search, engagements, stocks, etc. Erthang! 🆙

You’re like cool, what does this have to do with me and my brand?!

Verizon cast one of the greatest artists of all time AND used a perfect balance of audience connection + digital execution + strategic timing to make this dynamic spot come to life.

This isn't your "Can You Hear Me Now?" Verizon, okayy!?

✨ Here are three strategic techniques 📌 that the Verizon x Beyoncé "Can't B Broken" commercial taught us that you can implement into your marketing strategy or next product/service launch:

  1. Invest just as much strategy/creativity/$$ in your pre-launch material as you do the big drop

  2. Tap into the nostalgia of your story or IYKYK moments to reactive your most loyal and engaged "day one" fans

    • Take note of the visuals from her past work/albums in this ad

  3. Don't be afraid to go after new audiences

    • During this campaign, Verizon saw its largest growth among a younger demo on TikTok aka current/future cellular plan owners

    • The Slayoncé gamer and BarBey and BeyoncéAI and BOTUS and Astronaut Yoncé all tapped into online subcultures/niches, cultural trends, and a bit of cause marketing. Like, they truly left no crumbs for GenZ.

And just because it wouldn’t be D319 if we also didn’t have some sandbox thoughts and ideas…

Here are three ideas racking our brains about the Verizon x Beyoncé "Can't B Broken" Commercial:

  1. Why Verizon?

  2. Does this partnership live past the Super Bowl?

  • Via Verizon will we see...exclusive tour info/ticket drops, first-streaming dibs to Verizon customers only, a Beyoncé service plan to tap into collab mktg, etc.

  1. Is "Can't B Broken" a song title on Renaissance Act II?

Often as entrepreneurs or creators, we feel like we can't learn things from big-budget brands, but through our services at D319, we prove the opposite.

Having worked on large brands in our careers, we've taken these exact learnings to not only build D319 but also to build brands all over the country with our clients.

So if you're a burnt-out business owner or organization lacking expertise on your team and you're ready to roll with the big boys & girls, that button down there is for you. 😌

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