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A laid-off gym manager turned celebrity baker.


Laid off. Started full-time entrepreneur baker journey. Didn’t last. Went back to work but kept Unforgettables going on the side. Put in her letter of resignation in 2019 and has been the full-time CEO and Master Cake Artist of Unforgettables ever since.


Unforgettables is an online bakery based in Atlanta, Georgia that is known for its custom cakes & desserts and its unique line of personal-size Cake Jars.


Since 2014, Unforgettables has wowed generations of tastebuds through an array of events including celebrities such as Oprah, Angela Simmons, Regina Belle, Rick Ross, and many more.


Because Unforgettable’s is known for “cakes that look good and taste good”, their customer loyalty and exponential growth was strongly built on word-of-mouth. In the middle of the pandemic, their business was heavily impacted by three issues:

  1. Quarantine: With the world banned from hosting public events, celebrations were at a standstill. This meant no one was ordering cakes or desserts and bakers everywhere were suffering.

  2. Instagram Shut Down: Yep, on the morning of her birthday Cheryl woke up with no access to the Unforgettable’s Instagram page. She went from a community of 2,500 to 0 overnight. And was left with only her Facebook.  

  3. Burn Out: As a one-woman team taking the orders, baking the cakes, designing the art, managing invoices and delivering the goods, Cheryl was as burnt out as they come.


The good thing is she realized she needed to pivot and that’s where we came in.

Since 2020, some of our most notable accomplishments with our friends at Unforgettables have been:

  • Re-launched the Unforgettable Instagram which now stands at nearly 3,800 followers. A 50.5% increase from what she lost on her previous account

  • Created Unforgettable’s first e-commerce shop and integrated it with Instagram Shop to house her new product line: The Unforgettable’s Cake Jars - which was an answer to pandemic woes by creating a shippable, personalized product that still works for any celebration type. These products single-handedly shifted the model of her business and have grown from a line of 4 to 11 flavors.  

  • Redesigned and redeveloped 

  • Formalized and generated a new service: Cake Tasting Consultations - built the booking funnel, executed copywriting for all collateral, and created all social content for promotion

  • Implemented SEO via her website and social bios which landed her retainer corporate clients from America’s Mart to Target to nursing homes

  • Increased her email subscribers by 31.3% to expand her communication avenues outside of solely social media

  • Developed a hiring application that she used to expand her team to three

  • Integrated automation in her ordering processes to lessen the manual load of client communications

  • Helped generate $61,550 from marketing of new revenue streams (Cake Jars, Cake Consultations, Pop Up Shops)


Social Media Strategy / Content Creation & Management /Email Marketing /Website Development & Management

Social Media Content Strategy fo Brands


Social Media Content Strategy fo Brands
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