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Four siblings who brought their community together with the flavors that marked their childhood.


Diana, Edith, Aureliano, and Paola have made a stamp on Dallas' Bishop Arts community since 2016. Born in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, the Diaz siblings shared their heritage and their childhood of paletas, agua frescas, and traditional Mexican snacks with tastebuds all over the world. 


In 2021 and 2022, Encanto Pops won D Magazine‘s Best of Big D award for best paleta shop, and in 2023 was featured as one of the best ice cream shops in the city.

As an authentic Mexican paletería, the pops were all natural and always included fresh fruit and ingredients.


With managing a brick-and-mortar shop, sourcing natural ingredients, booking events, and fulfilling corporate contracts there was no time for them to also create content and run social media accounts.

The location of Encanto Pops generated passerby and loyal foot traffic but the potential was so much greater if an effective marketing strategy was put in place.


Luckily, they new Digital319 could get the job done.

Since 2021, some of our most notable accomplishments with our friends at Encanto Pops have been:

  • Built and implemented a social strategy that...

    • Told their story and focused on the process behind their beloved goodies

    • Increased post frequency and visibility of all products to connect with their audiences consistently and generate exposure to their full menu

    • Implemented short-form video to truly bring life to such visual and cultural favorites

    • Involved their community through conversational nostalgia and user-generated reshares (UGC)

  • Increased social community by 26.2%

  • Increased post cadence from 3 posts a month to 3 posts a week

  • Developed a reel formula for showing product process that has generated more than 3M views 

  • Managed their full content creation process: videography, photography, copywriting, calendar management, publishing, and analytics


Social Media Strategy / Content Creation & Management

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