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A non-profit with a mission that will save millions of lives.


Since 1969, the Suicide and Crisis Center of North Texas has provided a 24/7 Crisis Line helping those in crisis, especially suicidal crisis, find hope for the future.


The organization is comprised of regional leaders, trained counselors, and volunteers. The Suicide and Crisis Center of North Texas is one of fewer than 80 centers nationwide to be certified by the American Association of Suicidology.


Between 2000–2021, U.S. suicide rates increased approximately 36% resulting in a death by suicide every 11 minutes.


Struggling to build processes for their social media and email marketing while juggling limited resources and expertise, this non-profit organization was deeply in need of a digital strategy.


The strategy needed to complement their efforts, connect with their vulnerable audiences, and expand their network of supporters and donors. And of course, they also needed a team to help bring it to life.


We’ve had their back and made their cause our mission ever since.

Since 2022, some of our most notable accomplishments with our friends at SCCNTX have been:

  • $10,589 increase in donation funds received via social media

  • 593.55% increase in fundraisers coming from social media

  • 11% increase in email open rate

  • Increased newsletter cadence by 400%; as it was previously only used for holidays and National Suicide Prevention Month

  • Developed cohesive brand guidelines to be used across all marketing communications


/Social Media Strategy / Content Creation & Management /Email Marketing

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