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That's What Syd Said: Real Truths About The Camera Roll

Remember when your parents used to only have a few more flicks left on the disposable camera? They would make you pose anywhere just to use it up before they took it to Walmart to get developed. This was one of those pics.

Little did we know, this was one of the last times I’d be photographed before becoming a cancer patient at 11 years old.

This was also just weeks before I lost all the hair on my head. While that always blows my mind staring at this, what blows my mind even more is that we don’t know what this feels like anymore. Today, the camera roll feels endless.

Through the same lens, everything “lasts forever” and doesn’t at the same time.

This makes me realize that we need to live like the film is a few clicks away from being developed...a few days away from running out...a few positive memories left before the world makes us see the negatives. Because the hard truth is that life’s camera roll does run out of storage. And an extra $.99/mo. won’t bring those memories back.

To take the irony even further, zoom in on my shirt. I had never been to Texas before moving to Dallas ten years ago. So that shirt must’ve been a souvenir from one of my Grama’s trips.

Savannah, GA, raised me. Athens, GA, showed me my potential. But Dallas, TX has molded all of that into the Syd y’all know today.


- That's What Syd Said

...A Digital319 Series Highlighting Stories From Our Founder.

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