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Meme Legends: Where Are They Now?

In the spirit of encouraging women to show up exactly as they are, this Women's History Month we want to celebrate a certain group that is embedded in social media history – Female Meme Legends.

Recently, we were in a team brainstorm and got to thinking... WHERE ARE THEY NOW?

So we did a little digging and here's what we found out about the women who have made netizens laugh, cry, and cry from laughter:

📺 Catch Me Outside: A famous rapper and internet personality. Mom to be. @bhadbhabie

📺 Sweet Brown: Has had TV, movie, and radio show appearances

📺 Math Lady: Accomplished Brazilian actress and inclusivity advocate @rsorrah

📺 Scarlett Takes A Tumble: Mental Health Counselor

📺 Gorilla Glue Girl: Yes, she got the Gorilla glue out of her hair. Daycare owner and recently engaged. @im_d_ollady

📺 Side-Eye Chloe: 13 yr old girl who loves Disneyland (and can probably never change her profile picture lol) @chloeclem

📺 Squat & Squint Girl: Property manager, Women's support group founder ("Daughters of Daughters"), and a founder of a non-profit organization to help the unhoused ("Susie's House") @kalin_elisa

As a remote team based in Texas, California, Oregon, and the Phillippines, learning more about these women forced us to have conversations about what memes/gifs are popular in our corners of the internet.

Like how many internet moments, that we think are so popular, never make it outside of the U.S.?

Whether celebrity or regular degular Jane Doe, meme culture has taken some of people's most vulnerable or candid moments and invited the world to reinterpret them into our own expressions.

This meme playback shows how culture can never just be defined by what's mainstream.

Culture exists in small pockets of the internet and it's so important to digest content and hear stories from spaces other than our own.

What other meme legends does this make you want to go catch up on? Comment below!

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