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Hi, Hello, Hola, What's UP?

welcome to digital319


Now that you're here, let's get into it.

*It being you, your brand, us.


*we're not here to give you a piece of the pie. we're here to give you the recipe.

Digital319 is the compass for

businesses seeking navigation

througH social and digital media.

"I get digital,

but why 319?"

Our foundation is one hell of a backstory. 

survivor story

3.19.2004 a 12-year-old girl got to replace the word "patient" with "Survivor"AND because of her battle with cancer,

*our blank canvas

319 means revival. Means confidence.

Means strength. Means blank canvas.

Digital319 will bring revival, confidence,

and strength to your brand.

Meet that 12 year old girl, sydnee

I’m a natural storyteller, solution-finder,

and dot connector when it comes to leading

brands on a path to live their best *strategic* life

in the online world. I work best when passion and

positive energy show up to the meeting. 

Sydnee Bush Founder of Digital319

"Okay, I need digital319!"

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